Let's face it, every home needs to have at least one ladder around. It is simple an essential tool that you will use from time to time. To get the job done you are going to need the right ladder. Whether its for painting, construction or just to reach high spaces or places, a ladder is a must for these jobs.

Let us help you select the
Best Ladder Brand for you. It all comes down to your personal needs when selecting the right ladder. While one ladder brand may work for a friend, it may just not be the right fit for you.

Ladders are also used for getting in and out of your
pool. You will need a special type of ladder to get up into your attic. Ladders can keep your family safe in an emergency. For example, it is a great idea to have a Fire Escape Ladder on hand, that is if your house has 2 or more levels.

Let us help you select the right type of ladder for you, as well as recomendations and reviews of different ladder brands.

It is also important to know how to use a
Ladder Safely. Following simple guidelines, will help keep you and your workers safe, when using a ladder. When painting or trying to reach something that is too high, you are going to want to use a ladder. At one time or another we are all going to need to use a ladder for a project or to reach a high object.

While most of us use ladders without incident, they can be dangerous. Make sure that you take necessary precautions when using any ladder. Every year people are injured and even killed when misusing a ladder.

Follow these safety guidelines to help prevent injury.

1: Always read and follow the directions that came with the ladder.

2: Follow the weight guidelines of the ladder. Do not exceed the maximum weight allowed when using the ladder.

3: Always face the ladder when climbing up or down on the ladder. Never hang from a ladder or try to extend a long reach from the ladder.

4: Make sure that the ladder is properly setup before mounting the ladder. If the ladder has lock bars, make sure that they are locked. Make sure that the ladder is steady and not shaky, it is important that the ladder is on good solid ground.

5: Extend roof ladders 3 feet past the roof line.

6: Take your time. Never be in a hurry when you are on a ladder. Take your time and make sure that you have good footing when taking each step. Many injuries are caused by people falling off ladders, most were in a hurry.

Remember safety first!!
Fire Escape Ladders: get out alive!
If you live in a multi-story house, then you will want to purchase an escape ladder for an amergency. Most often bedrooms are located on the upper floors, this means that in case of a fire you or your loved ones could become trapped. To avoid this nightmare scenario, invest in a fire escape ladder.

You are going to want to purchase a fire escape ladder that is portable and doesn't require assembly. You can generally store the ladder under a bed or in a closet. Most fire escape ladders fold up and include a chain or rung design.

The fire escape ladder unfolds quickly in an emergency and can be attached to a window or balcony for a fast exit.

My advice is to buy a fire escape ladder for your family and teach each member how to use it in an emergency. This just might be the simplest and cheapest way to avoid a tragedy. In fact fold-up fire escape ladders are not expensive, they can be bought for $100 or less. by Kerry Zangara
Step Ladders: reach up to get it safely
One of the most basic forms of ladders is the stepladder. These ladders are usually made to be light and portable and have what the ladder industry calls an A-shape.

These ladders are made for jobs that are relatively close to the ground as the standing height of a typical 6-foot stepladder is from around 45 to 54 inches (standing height). Ladder tops and pail shelves can hold your tools and paint buckets.

While a stepladder can be a good choice for around the house, when used properly, they can also be dangerous if used improperly. Never use a stepladder on stairs, they are just not made for that.

Remember that a stepladder will have more flex and be less stiff than say a multiuse ladder would. They are usually designed to hold much less weight as well.
Pool Ladders
Pool ladders make it easy to get in and out of your swimming pool. They are also a safe alternative for entering and exiting your pool. A nice pool ladder can also add to the attractiveness of your swimming pool.

Pool ladders are usually made up of wood, plastic, resin, aluminum, or even steel. The size of your pool ladder will depend on your pool and your personal preferences. Pool ladders are sometimes called “pool steps”.

We recommend you purchase one with wide, anti-slip steps that are safe for both children and grandparents. Some pool ladders have safety enclosures for added security. Pool ladders are available for both in ground and above ground pools.

It’s important to choose a high quality pool ladder that will stand the test of time. A cheap ladder likely won’t last and could lack many safety features. Most above ground pool ladders are easily installed by the home user, and you won't need to hire a professional. by Kerry Zangara
Attic Ladders

If you have a limited amount of space, an attic ladder will allow you access to your attic without taking up a great amount of room. This type of ladder allows you to replace traditional stairs with a ceiling mounted attic ladder. Attic ladders come in different types, like a fold down ladder, or a slide down ladder.

Attic ladders are installed in the space between the joists. If you are an experienced do-it-yourself type, you may be able to install an attic ladder on your own.  It should take less than a few hours time to install.

You want to find an attic ladder that will fit the space between your joists, otherwise you will have to cut and frame an opening. You want to choose a sturdy attic ladder, one that will easily handle the weight of the heaviest user.

The style of attic ladders may vary according to your personal preference as well, folding attic doors, or sliding attic doors. You also need to insulate the access panel for your attic ladder. This can be done easily by applying some self adhesive foam weather stripping around the door frame where the door rests. If you don't insulate, you will regret it later, as you can lose a significant amount of heat and cool air around these panels.

If you think that an attic ladder is the right choice for you, then try our ladder brands page to find out which attic ladder brand you should choose.
Ladder Racks
If you are a contractor or own a work truck, a good accessory to add is a truck ladder rack. They attach to the roof of the vehicle and provide a greatly expanded storage facility.

These ladder racks are excellent for storing long items and ladders above the cab of your vehicle. They can also be used to transport long rigid cargo, such as lumber and pipes.

Truck ladder racks are designed to fit most standard size truck beds. They essentially turn an ordinary truck into a double-decker storage bed. If you routinely transport heavy items or ladders, purchasing a ladder rack is a no-brainer.
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