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Attic Ladders

If you have a limited amount of space, an attic ladder will allow you access to your attic without taking up a great amount of room. This type of ladder allows you to replace traditional stairs with a ceiling mounted attic ladder. Attic ladders come in different types, like a fold down ladder, or a slide down ladder.


Attic ladders are installed in the space between the joists. If you are an experienced do-it-yourself type, you may be able to install an attic ladder on your own.  It should take less than a few hours time to install.

You want to find an attic ladder that will fit the space between your joists, otherwise you will have to cut and frame an opening. You want to choose a sturdy attic ladder, one that will easily handle the weight of the heaviest user.

The style of attic ladders may vary according to your personal preference as well, folding attic doors, or sliding attic doors. You also need to insulate the access panel for your attic ladder. This can be done easily by applying some self adhesive foam weather stripping around the door frame where the door rests. If you don't insulate, you will regret it later, as you can lose a significant amount of heat and cool air around these panels.

If you think that an attic ladder is the right choice for you, then try our ladder brands page to find out which attic ladder brand you should choose.