Best Ladder Brands
To get the job done right you are going to need the best ladder possible. Whether its for painting, construction or just to reach high spaces or places, a ladder is a must for these jobs. Try these top ladder brands, when looking for the perfect ladder.

Babcock Ladder Brand
Babcock ladder makes safe, reliable, high quality wood ladders. The ladders are made in Bath, New York using only the finest lumber available. If you want a high quality wood ladder that is made in the U.S.A. , then look no further than a Babcock Ladder.

Bailey Ladder Brand
Great extension ladders that are easy to carry and simple to use as well. The #1 Ladder Brand in Australia. Over 50 year track record of making high quality, durable ladders. They make alot of different ladders, for many types of jobs.

Gorilla Ladder Brand
Gorilla ladders are a popular brand of cheap ladder that is sold in many stores like home depot. Some of their most popular ladders are step stools for household, utility and kitchen uses. Gorilla ladders have pretty good reviews overall and the price on them is inexpensive.

Green Bull Ladder Brand
Green Bull ladders are tough and are designed for professional contractors. They are designed for performance and not frills, as advertised on their website. Green Bull was purchased by Werner in 2008 and is now one of their ladder brands.
Keller Ladder Brand
Keller ladders was purchased by Werner in 1999, since then Werner has incorporated high standards into the manufacturing process of these ladders. Keller ladders are designed to be used for your home, repair jobs and light construction work. Keller ladders come in Stepladders, Extension Ladders, Step Stools and Multiladders. Slogan: Putting jobs in reach.

Little Giant Ladder Brand
Over 30 years ago a man named Hal Wing saw a German laddder design that he felt was an innovation. Using this design with slight modifications he started Little Giant Ladder, today Little Giant is a well known brand in the ladder industry. They are probably best known for their multi-position ladders. Little Giant ladders are known for nice, solid, sturdy construction. They have wide rungs and feel nice and sturdy when you are on one. Little Giant ladders are not cheap however, they are one of the more expensive brands of ladder on the market.

Louisville Ladder Brand
Since 1946 Louisville Ladder has been a leader in the manufacture of ladders. Throughout the years Louisville Ladder has been recognized with many patents and trademarks in the industry. Louisville ladder makes high quality, durable ladders for construction, industrial, painting and every day uses. Louisville is one of the leaders in ladders throughout North America.

Werner Ladder Brand

Most people that know ladders agree, Werner is one of the top brands of ladder you can buy. Many contractors use and trust Werner ladders. Werner ladders are backed by over 60 years of state-of-the-art-design, testing, and life-cycle evaluation.

Werner makes a complete line of ladders, from home ladders to professional-grade for those requiring the most durable ladders. Werner even has a handy ladder finder tool on their website, that helps you select the perfect ladder for your personal needs.

While what brand of ladder is best is open for debate. When we questioned local contractors we consistently heard 3 ladder names. Louisville, Werner and Green Bull ladders were all well liked and frequently used.